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I am trying to figure out what to do next with my practice. Up to this point, much of my development & learning has progressed accidentally and unintentionally. I've improvisationally responded to opportunities instead of trying to create something specific. I would like to better understand how I might develop a more coherent and purposeful set of offerings that support other people in advancing their practice.

PLEASE answer the following prompts as shallowly, flippantly, and unpoetically as possible. Skip anything that seems irrelevant.

My familiarity with Liberating Structures is...
My commitment to deepening my practice with Liberating Structures and other complexity-inspired methods is...
Liberating Structures Specific Offerings
The following section includes a set of potential options for Liberating Structures learning experiences that I think could be useful for people looking to start their practice or deepen/thicken/advance it.

Please score each option on a scale of 1-5.
1=Not interested. 5=PLEASE offer this tomorrow!

LS Fundamentals - Invitation Writing (focus on developing invitations for a range of LS and getting more of a sense for your own stylistic preferences)
LS Fundamentals - Starting From Scratch (building a basic repertoire of methods)
LS Fundamentals - Practice Jams (participate in a deliberately structured space for practicing a range of methods)
LS Fundamentals - Food for Afterthought (gaining intimate familiarity with LS principles, aesthetics, and complexity science inspired attributes)
LS Fundamentals - Beyond the Familiar (expanding your repertoire to include riffs, variations, and LS-in-Development)
LS Deep Dives - Uncommon Options (spend time digging deep into versatile-yet-oblique LS like Ecocycle, Panarchy, Critical Uncertainties, and Wicked Questions)
LS Deep Dives - Speculative & Unusual Topics (join in investigations that help reveal more about the field of practice, such as working with multiple purposes, embracing dynamic incompleteness, encouraging multiple simultaneous actions, etc)
LS Deep Dives - Self-Development with LS (experience how LS can be used individually for self-development, reflection, and re-arranging your practice)
Developing Your Practice - Ensembles & Partnering (work through the complexities and benefits of partnering on design, co-leading, and working-out-loud with one another)
Developing Your Practice - Designing & Stringing (live-action-practice combining and sequencing LS together for a specific purpose while also considering different lenses through which to evaluate strings & design choices)
Developing Your Practice - Improvising & Responding Thoughtfully (getting comfortable responding when things go sideways and preparing for surprise)
Developing Your Practice - Integrating Learning (review your practice through different lenses while deliberately scrutinizing the assumptions, stances, dynamics, and preferences that shape your practice)
Developing Your Practice - Moving Online & Into Virtual Environments (learn to adapt Liberating Structures for use in online, virtual, distributed, and asynchronous settings)
Developing Your Practice - Clarifying & Organizing Yourself (get yourself organized by clarfiying your own purpose, principles, preferences, aesthetics, and practices)
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What other ideas or needs do you have for Liberating Structures specific learning options or offers?
Your answer
Methods for Doing X
In this section, I am curious to learn which of the following situations, if any, call out for additional methods, approaches, or tools. Which of these settings do you find it chronically difficult or challenging to work on successfully - whether alone or with a group?

The scoring is 1=current tools/methods/approaches are sufficient, 3=new tools/methods/approaches are desperately needed

How well are current tools, methods, and approaches serving you when it comes to...
Evaluating your projects, activities, relationships
Writing or composing something with a group (like a report or document)
Deliberately working on your own self-development
Shifting interactions (for instance in the classroom, boardroom, everyday meetings, workshops, or special events) to be participatory
Collaborating with your family/partner/children/friends in ways that draw out liveliness, vitality, and playfulness
Reflecting on experience, consolidating insights, and integrating learning in order to discern next steps and deliberately design your actions
Giving and getting help on difficult challenges you face at work or at home
Diagnosing and making sense of current challenges or context-specific obstacles
Shifting from mechanistic to ecologically inspired ways of organizingElaborating on options, distinguishing between them, and then selecting things to invest in based on a greater sense of freedom, responsibility, intelligence, and imagination
Elaborating on options, distinguishing between them, and then selecting things to invest in based on a greater sense of freedom, responsibility, intelligence, and imagination
Stopping counter-productive behaviors and structures that flatten people's contributions
Working productively with a wide range of differences in a group
Drawing out productive variation, deviation, and difference in a group
Amplifying the collaborative/generative intelligence, imagination, inventiveness and creativity of a group
Topics, Themes, and Areas of Interest
I would like to understand what topics, themes, or content you find attractive, interesting, and compelling. I have proposed a few ideas below, but would mostly like you to write random ideas for topics that you would want to spend time on with others.

Perhaps imagine a 90 min - 3 hour session designed specifically around the topic in a way that people could both explore the topology of the topic, get to know each other, and experience different methods for working with material/content.

Which topics might be intriguing enough that you would show up to a 90 min - 3 hour session focused on it?
What other topics, themes, or ideas have held your attention & imagination long enough to stick around? What are the topics you would be eager to invite others to explore with you?
Your answer
What are some of the whimsical and playful-yet-serious subjects, themes, or topics that might excite you enough to join in a temporary learning community with others?
Your answer
Adjacent Services
Finally, I would like to understand what other things you might find valuable when it comes to advancing your own practice, work, and purposes.

Below are some examples of services or delivery & implementation support that could be useful for groups/organizations/companies. I am curious if you see a need for anything that resembles the items on this list in your own context.

Which of the following might you find useful, valuable, or needed in the different contexts you operate in
What other services, support, or assistance would you find helpful in the contexts you operate across
Your answer
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