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You are signing up to participate in the Great International Terrapin Swap. When it is your turn, you will receive the Terrapin in the mail ready to go with a roll of film to shoot. You will shoot the roll of film (IMPORTANT: Shoot film swaps one f/stop faster than you normally would / underexpose by one stop - there will be two exposures on the same frame) and develop it, scan it, and and send 4 of your favorite high quality photos from the roll to Monica Smith to be posted on the blog and possibly in other media (like a zine). You will also write up a quick summary of your experience with the project to be published on the blog or possible zine/book. You will also share the photos from the swap with your swap partner. Both photographers will be attributed as photographers and own the photos, but the Gitswap project will have the right to publish the photos on their blog, possible zine/book, and their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You will shoot a 2nd roll of film through the camera. When you finished the roll, rewind the film to the first frame so it will be ready to go for the next person. You will then ship the camera to the next person in line to use the camera. The address of the person will be provided when it is ready to post. Your costs shall include one roll of film and the postage to next recipient. Please include reciprocity failure information for the film you are sending to the next recipient (If available).

You will have two weeks to finish the project.

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