Dirt NFT Collector Survey
Questions for Dirty NFT buyers.
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What is your NFT wallet address? (to verify purchases)
What is your name / Twitter handle / pseudonym / whatever?
What is your email address? (Fill in if you want to be contacted by us; will be kept private)
If we link to you as a Dirt supporter in the newsletter, what URL do you want us to send people to?
Which NFTs did you buy? (Fill in other for multiple editions)
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Why did you buy a Dirt NFT? Maybe because you want to support Dirt, or liked the art, or see it as an investment...
Why did you buy the edition that you did?
What's more important to you, NFTs or social tokens ($DIRT-S1)?
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Have you bought any NFTs besides Dirt?
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What should Dirt cover in the future, or what do you like that we should do more of?
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