The Writer's Planner
It's here! The planner designed specifically for writers and indie authors.

This 12-month calendar and workbook planner will keep track of your plot ideas as well as help you expand on them, have important expenses and revenues in one place ready for tax season, and help writers stay organized in every aspect of their career. Promo tracking, new release checklist, goal setting, calendars, and word goal tracking are all in one spiral-bound notebook.

It's the only planner a writer will need for a full year. And it's not your average planner!

Did I mention it lies flat? It's not printed by a retailer, so it's more than just a book you can write in that is styled for writing.
This form is for:
~ US residents who would like to take advantage of the promo gift and/or a discount on a Self-Edit Mug with their planner
~ Local Seminole County residents who would like to pick up their planner and/or Self-Edit Mug

**If you'd just like a planner or are a writer who lives outside of the US, links to purchase your planner are on my website:
What's included:
~expense & revenue tracking to prepare for tax season
~burrows for your plot bunnies, so your ideas never hop away again
~spreads to expand on an idea when you're ready to turn it into a story
~plotting worksheets to keep important information for your book all in one place - perfect for plotters AND pantsers
~Novel-A-Month word tracker sheets for writing a certain number of words within a certain time period
~trackers for the book signings you attend, keeping your travel confirmation numbers and expenses at a glance
~goal setting and breaking goals down into achievable tasks
~monthly spreads with highlighted goals, undated so you can start/skip/finish whenever you want
~new release checklist and backlist promo tracking every month
~a table of contents you can label to customize your plotting and monthly spreads
~important contacts
~weekly spreads with word goals every day

What you'll need:
~the ability to write
~a pen or pencil
~your creativity
A4 (8.27" x 11.69")
A5 (5.83" × 8.27")
I treated The Writer's Planner like an author would treat their publication too. With meticulous formatting, 900 "final" drafts, editing, and a professional cover design and printer, this workbook has every detail planned to the nines.

✔ professional cover
✔ copyright filed
✔ submit to printer
✔ order proof

~~ I'm so excited that I have some things I've picked up to gift to the first few orders with Priority or First Class Shipping.
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Shipping costs on the next page are estimates and will be updated when I send your invoice. The shipping cost will never raise, but if I find a more cost-effective way to ship it to you, I'll adjust it there.
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