APLA Student Paper Prize Application
Thank you for your interest in submitting your paper to the 2019 Association for Political and Legal Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Prize Competition! Please use this form to provide your name and contact information, and to submit your paper. To ensure blind review, please remove identifying names and references from the paper and convert it to a pdf file before submitting.

Information about the APLA Student Paper Prize can be found on the APLA website: https://politicalandlegalanthro.org/2019/04/21/apla-graduate-student-paper-prize-2019/

If you have any questions or difficulties completing this application, please contact Anu Sharma at asharma@wesleyan.edu.

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Please upload a pdf of your paper here. Limit one file. Please include the title in the header of each page of your paper, and remove your name and contact details from the paper in order to facilitate blind review. Your contact information should be provided with this google form, so do not include it with the paper itself. When preparing the pdf for upload, please name your paper with a filename that abbreviates your paper title in a single word (example: a paper named "Up the Anthropologist" should be give a filename like this: <<upanthro.pdf>>, <<uptheanth.pdf>>).
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