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In 2016, the first group of 15 MEP graduates came to Tallinn to set up a framework for alumni activities. Two things were decided:
1. That a reunion session would be organised and that at this meeting the graduates’ organisation should also meet.
2. That resolutions of the Model European Parliament will be used to lobby politicians to support positions taken by participants of those sessions.

Why would MEP Graduates lobby politicians?
1. It would be fulfilling a long-held promise to make young peoples’ voices heard. We know that the resolutions sent to the President of the… etc. mostly mean one-sided communication.
2. It would strengthen the position of MEP, as sessions that use lobbying would be more likely to get Erasmus+ funding due to the fact that dialogue between young people and decision-makers is key to Erasmus+ funding.
3. It would be a great experience and exercise in civics, a personal growth experience for any MEP Graduate who takes part in this.

How will this happen?
• We will separate the passed resolutions from those that did not.
• We will have to narrow it down even further and preferably select one specific Lobbying Goal. We should do this because only this way can we make sure that we put enough preparation into the Lobbying Goal and that our work is effective.
• We should now look at all seven resolutions that passed in Tallinn and choose the one based on which we will write the Lobying Goal.

What happens after this?
• A specific Lobbying Goal will be formed based on the resolution that wins the vote. It will be one sentence long, but accompanied by a thorough document the on the selected issue.
• A conference call will be held with those who are interested in pursuing lobbying efforts in their country or elsewhere. We intend to have 10 one-hour meetings with a politician or politicians in EU countries.

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