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Hey there, loyal readers!
I'm excited to be giving away a LIMITED amount of ARCs of my upcoming release, Every Breath You Take, and I hope you're interested in getting your hands on an early copy!

This is book one in the Every Breath Duet, releasing 8/27/18.
Take My Breath Away, book 2 will release on 10/1/18.
While it is recommended that both books be read together, book 1 does have a happily ever after (for now). However, book 2 will be a continuation of this story.

To be considered for an ARC of Every Breath You Take, here's what you have to do:

1. You agree to push Every Breath You Take up to the top of your TBR list as a priority and will read as soon as possible.

2. You agree to post your spoiler free review on Goodreads as soon as you've read.

3. You agree to post your spoiler free review on Amazon on release day, 8/27/18.

4. You understand that this is a direct to kindle copy ARC and it must not be shared with anyone.

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