a dating application by me, 9S
if you're trying to install a calendar, you've clicked on the wrong "dating application" link

if you're interested, romantically or otherwise, in getting to know the board writer 9S? this is the place
What is your name? *
Are you male? Female? Not sure? (Please note that while this application is open for submissions from all interested parties, only female applicants will be considered for romantic applications). *
How long have you been reading the Board, and what on earth possessed you to fill out this form?
Are you currently a college student? If so, where? If not, where are you now? *
What is your age? *
In terms of a relationship, what are you looking for from this application? (Making new friends is always nice too; if the dating game isn't really your thing, I don't blame you.) *
Do you know (or think you know) my real-life identity?
Clear selection
Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What are your hobbies? What does your ideal first (or second, or fiftieth) date look like? *
What's your favorite poem, novel, movie, video game, or other literary and/or artistic work?
What do we have in common? Common interests & hobbies are important to me.
It's a Friday evening and you have absolutely no responsibilities to worry about until Monday. Describe your weekend.
Please select option 1 to indicate that you are actively participating in this application and not using it to train your board writer catfishing AI. *
Are you willing to accept liability for potential injury, physical or otherwise, from a) potential attack by tunnel worms and other specters of Board lore, b) chronic narcolepsy induced by being party to the drafting of my Board answers, and c) the possibility that you may one day take a last name that absolutely no one will pronounce correctly?
Clear selection
This question was removed for violating Section 1412, Clause 314159, of the Board Bylaws For Brevity and Biodegradability. *
What's most important to you? *
What's one thing you like about yourself, and one thing you'd like to improve?
Please enter your contact information and preferred method of contact here: *
Suppose we go on a date--what should we do together?
What are some of your goals?
Is there anything else you'd like me to know? Anything you just want to say? Anything you wish I had asked?
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