Hartland-Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up
This list is being compiled by community organizers in Hartland to share with others who are physically and emotionally available for mutual aid work around COVID-19 at the local level. We expect that COVID-19 will come to our communities, if it has not already, and we are coordinating a public response as a proactive and reactive measure to protect and support each other, particularly our most vulnerable populations.

A top priority at this time is to reduce the spread of the virus by staying home. Another top priority is making sure that all community members have what they need to enable them to stay home, whether sick or healthy. That's where this survey comes in. Many other actions to make this feasible will need to come into play, but volunteer coordination is one clear path toward an appropriate societal response.

There are three basic types of volunteers we're organizing ourselves into:

1. HOTLINE RESPONDERS, who input Hotline phone requests to the assistance request form. There are three "confidential info handlers" who then notify the coordinating volunteers when a new entry shows up on the assistance request form.

2. COORDINATING VOLUNTEERS take turns matching requests for assistance with people in the big general pool of volunteers who have offered to assist in that way. Once a coordinating volunteer says "yes, I'll make the connection" the confidential info handler gives the coordinator the name and number of the person needing assistance.

3. GENERAL VOLUNTEERS, who provide the actual service. The coordinating volunteer puts a general volunteer in touch with a person who has either called the hotline or filled out the assistance request form, and whose request for assistance matches the assistance the general volunteer has consented to provide.

Thank you so much for looking out for others during a crisis that is reinforcing individualism in increasingly harmful ways. Safe distancing is important, but we also have to be able to hold each other, even when we're apart. We must model community-level responses. We must love and care for one another.

Important: Noting that you would like to be contacted about any of the work mentioned below does not constitute a hard and fast commitment. We know circumstances can be unpredictable. Checking "yes" just means we may get in touch if the need for volunteers or supplies arises. We will not use or share your information for any purpose other than COVID-19 organizing!
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Name (Please indicate your pronouns as well, if that's something you would like to share.) *
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Phone number and/or email address? *
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Where do you live? If you're most connected with and/or closest to the Hartland area, this form is for you! If you are more connected elsewhere, consider starting another form for that community or asking us if one already exists in your area!
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Are you currently in quarantine and/or do you have needs your community can support you with? Groceries, firewood, transportation, medical care, social support, anything else?
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Are you trying to do social distancing and potentially in need of technical support (i.e. how to use video conferencing, email, where to find internet access or how to set it up at your house, etc)?
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Do you know of others who might need assistance, are in quarantine, could use someone to check in on them, etc? If so, please list their name(s), where they live, and a good way to reach them!
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Do you have school-aged kids who would be impacted by a school closure, and what kind of mutual aid would be helpful for you?
Would you like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities that involve being outside, such as distributing groceries or delivering food and leaving it outside the doors of people on quarantine? (Note: risks and best practices will be discussed before any work is done. People over 50 and people with underlying conditions should be especially cautious in these times, so this option will not be right for anyone. Please do whatever you must to remain well.)
Would you be willing to help out with childcare if HES closes?
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Do you have any medical experience, including herbal support, that you may be able to offer to help boost our immune systems, or volunteer at pop-up clinics and testing facilities?
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Would you be interested in being part of peer-to-peer counseling via phone or online platform for those who are suffering from isolation or emotional crises?
Would you be willing to share basic human needs like food, water, medical supplies, herbal medicine, hygiene products, shelter, etc.? Please indicate what you think you have to share. (It's ok if you don't know at the moment or if you don't have extra resources on hand.)
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Could you offer someone any temporary work for people refraining from their typical jobs? (Remote, outdoor, etc.)
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Can you offer tech support to people who might need help adjusting to working remotely or social isolating?
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Do you wish to be contacted about financial donations that are needed to support mutual aid work around COVID-19?
Do you want to be a HOTLINE RESPONDER to respond to urgent requests for help?
Do you want to be a COORDINATING VOLUNTEER? i.e. to help sort this spreadsheet of responses and make follow-up calls to match requests for assistance with resources, organize volunteers, etc?
Do you have special skills or particular resources you would like us to know about?
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Other thoughts or comments?
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FUN QUESTION: Are you reading any good books, learning any fun hobbies, doing anything exciting or relaxing while you're social distancing? (Heads up we will share these answers on the List Serve)
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