Computational BIM Webinar (13 & 27 Nov)
Computational BIM* Webinar & the Community of Practice for the industry by the industry

Topic: Showcases of on IDD Computational BIM applications from Design to Fabrication
Date: 13 Nov 2020, Friday - Use Cases, Experience & R&I Sharing
Time: 2:55pm to 5:30pm
Host: Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful, Boustead Projects E&C
2:55 pm (5 min) - Registration / Join Meeting
3:00 pm (30 min) - Prof. Lei Zheng (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
3:30 pm (30 min) - Camiel Weijenberg (Weijenberg Design Studio)
4:00 pm (30 min) - Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful (Boustead Projects E&C)
4:30 pm (30 min) - KC HO (Autodesk)
5:00 pm (30 min) - Discussion (Moderator - Muhammad Khalil Bin Shaiful)
5:30 pm - End of session

Topic: Extend the power of Dynamo with Python
Date: 27 Nov 2020, Friday - Technical Know-How
Time: 9:30am to 12:30am
- Basic Understanding of Dynamo
- Revit 2021 version installed
- Overview on Dynamo with Python Applications
- Python Node Basics
- Learning Variables and data types
- Lists, Conditional Execution, Loops Functions
- Revit nodes library and accessing Revit API
- Facilitated by DIGI/BERII

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* Computational BIM refers to the innovative problem-solving approach where users define algorithms to have automated generation and manipulation of building-related information for better work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity gains.
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