Midas engine tester form
Thank you very much for taking part in our survey, your answers will help us improve our rendering engine.
I. Stability
1. Did you manage to render a 3D scene with the Midas rendering engine? *
Describe any problems with the Midas engine that have occurred:
2. Were the system and software stable during operation? *
Describe any problems with system and software that have occurred:
3. Have you noticed an overload of any of the following components during operation? *
II. Speed
1. How satisfied are you with the speed of the Midas rendering engine? *
very satisfied
2. Have you rendered comparative renders of the same scene in a different rendering engine? *
3. If you've run tests, please describe them here.
III. Quality
1. Did you manage to achieve the expected quality of your renders? *
2. Were the methods used for composing the scene clear and simple for you? *
Very unclear and difficult to understand
Very simple and clear to understand
IV. Summary
If you have any comments or suggestions about the Midas render engine please describe them here:
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