Welcome! Thank you for applying for the Capsul Destination Unknown Volunteer Exchange Program. Our team is excited to make this memorable campout an amazing event for everyone. Please review your application carefully before submitting.

Selected applicants will be contacted with all relevant information by 2 weeks prior to the party so you can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please email our team at While our customer support team is available to help answer questions, they cannot tell you whether your application has been approved or denied.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get selected into the Capsul Destination Unknown Exchange program, you must have a November 2022 Destination Unknown ticket purchased in your name in order to confirm your shifts and participate. After the successful completion of your shifts and Destination Unknown weekend on November 4-6th 2022, your ticket refund will be issued to the original point of purchase no later than November 15th, 2022.
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Position Description:
Guest Services/Lost & Found: Stationed at guest services and lost & found locations. Answer questions and maintain professional composure while working with guests. Willing to understand and communicate event ticketing guidelines and outlined regulations. Comfortable being on your feet for up to 6 hrs. This role helps guests with event ticketing and check-in, showering check-in, RV Passes, Lost & Found and general customer service issues.

Parking: Good with staying organized and changing direction quickly. Set-up checkpoint locations, parking & traffic signs, and help direct parking lot traffic. Comfortable being on your feet for up to 6 hrs.

Floater: You are our everything & everyone volunteer. Provide assistance to staff wherever needed in any department. This role requires someone who works efficiently, adjusts quickly to new teammates and has some stellar problem solving skills. You may be required to lift heavy objects

Green Team: Team #MotherEarth. You're comfortable engaging with guests and answering questions regarding recycling and waste. Green Team will be stationed all over the event, helping implement Capsul Destination Unknown's recycling efforts and trash removal. Need to be comfortable being on your feet up to 6 hrs. You may be required to lift heavy objects

Beverage Service: While this event is BYOB, we will be selling Non-Alcoholic Specialty mixers, waters and other refreshments. This role requires a background in efficient beverage service. This role will require handling financial transactions and all inventory must match sales reports. Gratuity will be split evenly at each shift change. Must be comfortable being on your feet up to 6 hrs. You may be required to lift heavy objects
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Destination Unknown Volunteer Expectations:

If I am accepted as a volunteer with Capsul Destination Unknown, I understand that I will be placed onto a team as needed. My indicated preferences will be taken into account whenever possible. However, there is no guarantee of team placement until I receive confirmation.

I understand that pre-event/mid-event/post-event volunteer crews are required to contribute up to 3-12 hours onsite. Successful hour commitment includes being on time, completing my shift schedule fully and communicating with my lead. Failure to do so will result in no refund of my ticket.

I understand that a 3-4 hour 'HALF' shift earns a 25% refund and a 6-7 hour 'FULL' shift earns a 50% refund. 100% refund can be achieved by combing 'FULL/HALF' shifts to complete two full shifts worth of hours.

I understand that Capsul may reach out for additional information before placing me on my team.
Capsul Destination Unknown Volunteer Code of Ethics:

1. All Volunteers will treat other Volunteers, staff and guests with respect. If a problem arises, resolution should be deferred to security, staffing Leads or Festival Leadership.

2. There will be no use and/or consumption of alcohol/drugs by any Volunteer who is on duty at Destination Unknown. You must show up sober to your shift. Off‐duty Volunteers are asked to change out of their volunteer shirts after their shift.

3. Volunteers will be professional when engaging with all Destination Unknown attendees. List includes, but not limited to: Destination Unknown guests, Media, Press, Artists, Operations, Volunteers, Security and Vendors. Be mindful of those working around you, come prepared and choose a positive attitude.

4. Volunteers will make every effort to fulfill their shift responsibilities. Failure to contribute pre-determined time requirements or failure to fulfill shift commitments without a satisfactory reason may result in dismissal from the Festival and no ticket refund.

5. No Volunteer will use to their own advantage any property or money belonging to the Festival. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the Festival and no ticket refund.

6. Volunteers will respect and not abuse their credentials. Volunteers will respect Security enforcing credential checks and will not enter zones outside of their credentials. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the festival and no ticket refund.
Capsul Destination Unknown Safety Statement:

Capsul has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual assault and harassment of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: non-consensual photography or recording, repeated disruption of festival events, unwelcome attention or physical contact, intimidation, bathroom policing, stalking, physical assault or battery, and rape.  Capsul does not tolerate offensive language used as a method of violence directed at any individual due to, but not limited to: their sexual orientation, race, religion, appearance or physical attributes, disability, citizenship or nationality, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, or age. Capsul will take immediate action against those creating an unsafe space for attendees. If you see someone grab, touch, or talk to someone inappropriately, find a Capsul staffing lead or security team member and report it.
By signing my name below, I accept all Capsul Destination Unknown Volunteer Expectations, the Capsul Volunteer Code of Ethics and the Capsul Safety Statement:
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