Carpathian Arch Race #CAR_01 registration
Start: August 21st, 2021 / Bratislava - Slovakia
Finish: max September 1st, 2021 Cluj Napoca - Romania

Please complete the following form with all the necessary data. By completing this form you are agree to receive a confirmation email from us with all the necessary data for transferring the fee.
(Va rugam sa completati urmatorul formular cu toate datele solicitate. Prin completarea acestui formular sunteti deacord sa primiti email de confirmare cu toate datele necesare achitarii participarii la eveniment).

Fee (donation - Asociatia "Da, si eu pot sa lupt cu diabetul" from Bucharest, Romania, CF41367404.)
(Taxa este sub forma de donatie, asociatia organizatoare este: Asociatia "Da, si eu pot sa lupt cu diabetul!", din Bucuresti, Romania, cod fiscal 41367404)

SOLO: 180 euro (plus a refundable deposit the 50 euros for the tracker, which will be refunded after returning the tracker); (plus un depozit returnabil de 50euro pentru dispozitivul de urmarire, care va fi returnat la finis)

PAIR - TEAM: 300 euro (both riders have to register and indicate the name of the partner & team, and will have only a tracking device). (plus a refundable deposit of 50 euros for the tracker, which will be refunded after returning the tracker); (ambii concurenti trebuie sa se inscrie ca solo si sa indice numele coechipierului si numele echipei. Echipa va avea un singur dispozitiv de urmarire)

SPECIAL: 50% for diabetic riders (proved with a medical letter) (reducere 50% pentru persoanele cu diabet, fiind necesara scrisoare medicala).

Account: Transilvania Bank / Banca Transilvania

For PayPal please cover also the 6.7 euro paypal fee, or ask for personal proforma Invoice by email.
(Pentru PayPal va rugam sa tineti cont de taxa de transfer de 6.7 euro; puteti solicita prin email proforma).

The fee is nonrefundable, with the exception of force majeure which entitles you to a NEXT YEAR participation. (Donatia de participare este nerambursabila, cu exceptia fortei majore, cand se reporteaza in anul urmator).

If you are team of two, please complete 2 forms for each rider, and the captain must to complete the teammate name and the team name in the last part of the form. (Daca sunteti echipa, va rugam ca ambii concurenti sa completeze formularul, iar in ultima parte va rugam sa precizati numele coechipierului si al echipei)

Email us for any question at:
(pentru orice detalii va rugam sa ne scrieti pe:
Email address *
Surname / Forename (Nume / Prenume) *
Nationality (Nationalitatea) *
Birth date (Data nasterii) *
Registration for: (ma inscriu pentru:) *
Jersey (Tricou) *
I understand that I will have to donate 180euro fee for participating (Am inteles ca trebuie sa donez suma de 180euro pentru participare). For HALF, in fee is 90euros (pentru CAR HALF, donatia este 90euro) *
for us - if you are a team, please write here the teammate and team name (and also everything that you want to communicate to us); (pentru noi, daca sunteti echipa, aici completati numele coechipierului, sau orice date doriti sa ne comunicati)
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