Camino Institute Young Men's Online Seminar Application
Thank you for your interest in the Young Men's Online Seminar! This application form will collect contact information and allow you to choose from available scheduled cohorts. Please note that the cohorts are grouped separately by age (18-24 and 25-30), so be sure to choose the right group for your age.

(A note on age groupings: The age ranges for cohorts are not necessarily hard and fast, so if the dates for a different age category work better for you, please email to check to see if it's okay for you to register for it. In most cases, this will be no problem, as long as you understand that you will be either a few years younger or older than the average age of the other guys in the group.)

Once you submit your application, we will be in touch shortly to verify your cohort placement and provide payment options. Please remember that payment in full is required to secure your space, and that refunds will not be provided for missed sessions. We recommend you take a close look at the calendar before choosing a set of dates.
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LIABILITY RELEASE The individual submitting this application is requesting to be allowed to participate in an online seminar with Camino Institute, LLC (“Seminar”). As a condition of being approved to participate in the Seminar, I hereby release and discharge Camino Institute, LLC and all partnering organizations, agents and employees, as well as local host ministry/organizations (“Camino Institute”) from all claims for personal injuries, including death, or property damage (“Damages”) of any nature that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Seminar, whether or not the Damages are caused by the negligence of Camino Institute. I agree to assume all responsibility for risk of all Damages I may sustain while participating in any activity of any nature, including the use of equipment and facilities of Camino Institute. Any dispute arising out of this agreement or by virtue of participation in the Seminar shall be adjudicated under New York law and all actions or proceedings commenced shall be done so in New York State Supreme Court, Erie County. By checking the box below, I confirm that I have read this release and agree to the terms. *
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