The Manhood Project
Thank you for your interest in participating in The Manhood Project.

The Manhood Project is a documentary art and social storytelling project intent on explaining, exploring and expressing man's relationship with--and attitude toward--his manhood (penis), and what role it plays in a man's perception of actual manhood (being a man).

It seeks to demystify and normalize the sight of our pure natural physical male form, breaking down the taboos and fetishization that come from our modern culture's lack of exposure to non-sexualized nude imagery, and the rarity of non-sexual nude adult interaction and experience. It is judgement free and open to ALL men 18 years of age and over.

This is NOT a sexual, sensual or erotic project, and should not be seen as such. The project does not personally identify the participants, so discretion and personal privacy is assured.

Participation in the project consists of two parts:

Part 1:
The first half of this project asks that you, the subject, provide simple written statements about your feelings, experiences and attitudes toward your physical and actual manhood by answering the questions provided in the form below.

Part 2:
The second half of the project asks that you privately stand for a photographic fine art portrait of your manhood, shown fully nude, in your natural unaroused (flaccid) state. Image will be of your genital area only, your identity will be kept strictly confidential, and no other identifying body parts will be shown. The portrait will be made by a male photographer at either a private space in South Harlem, or at a NYC location of your choosing (e.g. your home/office/hotel, etc), please specify below. This portion should be viewed in same light as a nude art model standing for a drawing or sculpture. No sexually charged situations will be considered or tolerated. Please be sure of your willingness to fully agree, commit to and comply with this before choosing to participate. The shoot itself should require less than 10-15min of your time.

The resulting artwork simply displays the male human form to be considered in it's natural state, isolated from identifiable personal identity, yet starkly humanized by pairing it with a quotation of thought provoking words from its inhabitor.

While very bold, uncomfortable, unconventional, and downright strange at first thought, the project seeks to encourage a second thought, a way of bravely seeing things differently: normalizing the sight of non-sexualized nudity, unveiling internal feelings about male gender expectation, objectification and confidence, and speaking freely about our male human experience.

The hope is to share as many men's stories as possible, showing the breadth of our differing unique perspectives, fused with the brotherhood of our binding sameness.

A sample image/quote layout from the project is available for view here to provide context. Note that the link contains nonsexual imagery of nude male genitalia, it is NSFW, and only for viewing by those 18 yrs and older:

Now that you've made it this far, if all sounds good, please complete the form below and submit to begin the process. I look forward to creating with you and sharing your story of manhood. If you have further questions prior to your submission, you may email
The Manhood Project
The Manhood Project - Part 1 - Written submission
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability, keeping in mind that these feelings and attitudes are as vital a part of this project as the photographic image. They provide both the humanity and context. Please be as elaborate as possible in your answers. Describe your personal experience in words more than "yes" and "no". Note that no names or very specific personally identifying details should be used, but stories should be told.
Are you anatomically male and over 18yrs of age? *
What year were you born *
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What country were you born in? *
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What are your feelings toward (or thoughts, judgements, securities or insecurities about) your physical manhood (penis)? *
Your answer
How do those thoughts and feelings relate to how you feel as a man? *
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Do you feel confident or secure with your manhood (penis)? (please explain in full statements--more than yes/no) *
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Do you feel confident or secure in your manhood (feeling and expression of being a man)? (please explain in full statements--more than yes/no) *
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What is your comfort level with your nude male form? (please explain in full statements--more than yes/no) *
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Please write any additional statement, story, or feelings that may come up when thinking about your manhood or genital male experience *
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Please provide any relevant physical description/demographic information you feel comfortable sharing (optional). inclusion of this question is simply for us to better understand the makeup of respondents. This project is open to ALL men (over the age of 18).
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Please give a sense of your availability to be photographed (weekdays: mornings before 8:30AM or evenings 7pm or after, or on weekends: by appointment are my most available times). *
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Photography can be made at either a private space in South Harlem, NYC, or at a NYC location of your choosing. Please specify which option you prefer. (if you prefer to be photographed at your own location please note where you are located). *
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Please enter your email address for contact. The artist will follow up shortly to schedule your photo session *
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I understand and agree to be a part of this art project, fully understanding that I will be asked to stand nude for a photograph of my genital region only. I understand that this will require my complete cooperation and will take less than 10-15min of my time. I understand that my identity and any personally identifying elements will be kept strictly confidential. I agree to enter into this artistic project as a non-erotic and non-sexual nude art model participant for the sole and complete purpose purpose of: 1-creating an image of my male genital form in an unaroused (flaccid) state, and 2- anonymously expressing my experience of manhood in written form. I understand and agree that these two steps constitute and conclude my involvement in this project. I understand that the work product resulting from my involvement will be considered for inclusion in a larger body of work exploring the feelings and attitudes of men surrounding their manhood and expressed in words and images for the purpose of artifact, social study and storytelling. I understand that photography will be executed in a one on one setting with an unassisted male photographer, and both myself and the photographer will behave in an adult and professional manner (akin to a being in an art class with a nude model, a Dr's office, or locker room) while standing for the portrait. By choosing to participate I give my consent for the image from the session to be created as, and included in a broader body of work with no further involvement on my part. I agree that I have no rights to or ownership of the finished work, unfinished work product or it's parts, no right or expectation to be included in or informed of editing, selection, retouching or manipulation of said image, or expectation of crediting by or any form of compensation from, or any further contact with the artist for or because of my participation in The Manhood Project. It is agreed that no image from the project will be immediately released to the me, and that a print (digital file) will be made available to me at a future date of the artists choosing as the artist completes and releases the full body of work. I agree that I will not ask for it beforehand. It is agreed that all names, likeness, faces, personal identifying information and contact information will be kept private and strictly confidential, and not linked in any way to the artwork as it is produced, exhibited, transmitted or promoted. Discretion, tastefulness and professionalism is expected from both the creator and the subject.
I have read and fully agree to all of the above terms, and wish to continue toward having this image created. *
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