Apply: Community Learning Research Fellows
Paste your responses into a separate document to share with your faculty sponsor and community partner.
If more than one student, separate with semicolons
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Class Year
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Faculty sponsor
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Community Partner
Include contact person's name, email, phone, and organization
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Project type
Research Fellows must be enrolled in one of these credit-bearing activities during the fall
Credits expected
How many credits do you expect to earn for the project above? Do NOT count the 0.5 credit for CLIC 400 Research Fellow colloquium.
In one paragraph, describe your proposed research question, and/or policy issue, and/or artistic or creative theme, and why it matters.
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In one paragraph, describe how you became interested in this project, how it builds on previous CLI coursework, or study-abroad experiences, or other life experiences.
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In one paragraph, tell us about your relationship with your community partner, and if it is new to you (or your faculty sponsor), or how you have previously collaborated in the past.
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In one paragraph, describe how your project will benefit your partner’s organization and/or community.
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