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Warwick RAG is launching a new pen pals programme to help incoming freshers settle into University. We understand that these are unprecedented times and freshers week will be much more different than usual. Therefore, we are launching this programme to help ease the transition to university. Not only will this be beneficial for the next couple of weeks when you're getting ready to go to university, but also when you're at Warwick and need some help, advice or guidance throughout the year.

We are hoping that the incoming freshers will be able to build a rapport and friendships with existing students, with all of their concerns and worried put to rest.

The programme itself is very fluid, we will match existing Warwick students with incoming freshers based on similar courses among other characteristics. Once the matching has been completed, the existing students will get in touch with the incoming freshers via email for the initial contact. After the initial contact, you can exchange social media details and speak on Facebook if you feel comfortable enough.

Here at Warwick RAG, we understand how difficult it can be moving to university and not knowing anyone. Through this initiative we hope to change this. Hopefully many of you taking part in the programme can end up becoming friends and continue using these links beyond the next couple of weeks.

If you are an incoming fresher, you need to be aware of your role within this and follow strict guidelines to remain professional till both parties feel comfortable with a friendship developing.

Finally, if there are any problems or issues that either of you (existing student and the incoming fresher) are having, or if you're not completely comfortable with your pen pal, get in touch with me via email at haroon.ali1996@outlook.com and I can try to resolve any of the issues you may be having.

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