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Dear prospective participant to the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project,

Welcome to the application for your participation to the project.
We are very happy for your interest!

- For Questions & Answers regarding the:
Application form (what Core Participants need to ensure - shadow participants, video upload), Participants Profile (requirements, contribution, selection criteria), Miscellaneous (workshop agenda, accommodation, transportation), Financials (reimbursement), and the project
please check the Q&A document here:

- - - - - - - -

Before proceeding, here are 5 things we would like you to do.
If you face difficulties in dealing with them at this stage, please let us know at
- - - - - - - -

1) Study carefully the wiki of the Project:

2) Secure 10 shadow participants; have their full names, at least one affiliation and their emails handy.

[The Shadow Participants are individuals in your network (friends, colleagues etc...) who are interested in the concept of the project and are chosen by the Core Participants (you) to participate in virtual and or hybrid Regional SDDPs at a later stage. Once entered into the program, Shadow Participants will have equal participation and their contributions will be given equal weights with regard to their impact in designing and delivering the final products.
During and after our meeting we will give you full guidance and support. For now, just secure their interest.]

3) Have the support from at least 3 Civil Society Organisations or other Youth NGOs or peoples’ initiatives.

[These organisations ideally
a) are endorsing you because they know that your life goals/interests/experiences are in line with the vision of the project,
b) will be willing to use and engage with, in any way, the outcomes of the project.
During and after our meeting we will give you full guidance and support. For now, just secure their support.]

4) Identify (ideally secure support from) national media: at least one web-based, one paper newspaper, one radio and one TV station. Have website, name of a person in charge, role and telephone handy.

[These media should be willing to give some sort of visibility to the project and its outcomes by hosting/publishing/promoting an article, or/and a report, or/and an interview etc about the project - at a later stage]

5) Record a short video of yourself - you will need to ideally upload the link to it in the application or send it to us via

Present yourself and explain the reason(s) why you want to participate, your own aspirations and ideas concerning the envisioning and designing of new systems of participatory systems of governance.

While preparing your clip keep the following questions in mind:
Who am I? Where do I come from? How old I am? What do I do now? Where in my life am I?
Things you did that are relevant to this project and indicate your commitment and experience.
Who is supporting you or how are you going to secure support from those around you. Tell us about your access to organised civil society and the media.
How will you keep your 10 shadow participants engaged and active?
If you already have some ideas for action mention them.

To see sample videos from participants to previous regional initiatives, go here:]

- - - - - - -

If you have any questions please contact the project coordinator Andreas Andreou at Please use 'Reinventing Democracy' in the email title.

We wish you good luck and we are looking forward to receiving your application.

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