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The internship experience is open to young adults ages 18-28.
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this Citylight Program Assessment Administered by Reliant. The event that you are attending is financially administered by Reliant and therefore is considered a joint sponsored event by both Reliant and Citylight church. You will be representing both ministries during your participation in this Program. The answers on this application will be viewed by both Reliant and Citylight Program leadership.
Our vision is to bring light to the world by planting “community center” churches that are well equipped to be a blessing to local communities both spiritually and physically. Developed your Ministry skillset, your spiritual Growth, and your kingdom influence. School credit is available for those who are interested. We will partner with your school to help you meet requirements.
Participants will each experience full-time vocational ministry for a total of 10.5 weeks. This Program is a volunteer program which means your internship role is completely voluntary. Also, due to the nature of the CITYLIGHT Intern Program, we ask that applicants not work a job while in the program. The internship requires many late hours and sometimes last minute requests that may conflict with your ability to work a job.
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This Program will also include an international mission trip. You must have a valid passport that is valid through the entire year(s) that your Program occurs. If you do not, please make arrangements to update your passport prior to the Program. Do you agree to have a valid passport prior to the start of this Program? *
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