Life, Liberty and the Path of Happiness: Healing Steps on the ATC
April 8-May 25
Appalachian Trail Pilgrimage Retreat Application.
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Which segment would you like to attend? *
Please choose one week you would like to attend. We begin each week on Sunday morning with a Day of Mindfulness at the location listed, and end Friday afternoon, camping along the trail each night.
Have you attended at least one Plum Village Tradition retreat led by monastics? *
Attending a Plum Village tradition retreat prior to the hike is a requirement for all participants. Blue Cliff Monastery has weekend retreats in NY state (
Please list recent retreats attended: *
Date of most recent retreat: *
Please briefly describe your Sangha and practice experience. *
Include: Sanghas you have attended and dates, trainings received, other Sangha activities and organizational roles.
Have you been self-sufficient on at least one week-long backpacking trip in a wilderness area? *
Have you prepared meals for yourself using a camping stove and do you have this equipment? *
(Some group equipment may be arranged, however you must take responsibility for this.)
Do you agree to be responsible for all of your own equipment, food, and water?
(Some water support will be available, but you must take responsibility for this; for example, having some means of treating water.)
Do you understand the risks and responsibilities of wilderness travel, including personal safety, protecting land, water, animals and plants, and handling of human waste? (i.e. You know how to relieve yourself in the woods using no-trace principles). *
Please briefly describe your wilderness experience: *
Include dates, length of trips, number of people, leadership and organizational roles, trainings received.
Do you agree to make a deposit of $100 to complete registration for this retreat? *
(This is dana based retreat. A deposit is required to reserve a place. It may be returned or offered as dana; additional donations are requested to support the retreat).
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