2019 NCLS Talent Show Registration form
2019 牛顿中文学校才艺表演报名表

Show Time 时间: Sunday. Dec. 15, 2019, 1:00-4:30 pm
Location 地点: Auditorium, F.A. Day Middle School (牛顿中文学校礼堂)

Please submit the performance registration form before 12/7/2019, this link will be disabled after the deadline.
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Program Duration 节目长度 *
Please limit your program under 4 mins. due to the event time constraint. 请将节目时间控制在四分钟以内。
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Please list student name with the age. 请学生表演者在名字后附上年龄, 谢谢!
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Performance Session 表演时段 *
Please select the performance session. We will try to schedule as your request. Please stay till your performance session is finished. 请选择节目表演时段,我们会尽量安排好,但也会根据节目情况有所调整。请大家保证在自己的表演时段全程在场观看
Registration Fee 报名费 *
Please send you registration fee to NCLS school cafeteria bake sale table (check payable to NCLS for SEP Talent Show). 请将报名费注明节目名字于12月7日前投入报名箱 (报名箱放在中文学校一楼餐厅) ,支票请写NCLS注明支教SEP Talent Show. 多谢合作!
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