Buenos Aires Stories Survey
The BA Expat experience is a unique one. Oh the stories we are sure you could tell!

In an attempt to capture the experiences of foreigners living in Buenos Aires, we're prompting the following questions to inspire you to tell us your stories. Selected stories will be featured anonymously in an upcoming article series. Answer one of them - or answer all of them!

Questions, comments or more stories? Email vivi@mybeautifulair.com
My Best Porteno Love Story
Have you fallen in love? Been charmed, seduced, or swept off your feet by a local?
My Worst Porteno Love Story
Have you been burned? Been deceived, cheated on, or left brokenhearted by a local?
My Cultural Faux Pas
Did you eat on the subte before knowing better? Forget to saludar when entering a room? Move the bombilla in the mate?
The First Time I Felt I "Fit In"
Did you prepare the mate correctly? Master the art of chamuyo? When did you feel you fit in?
When I Fell For A Trick
Did you take a counterfeit bill? Fall for some chamuyo? Agree to pay in USD?
A Time When The City Was Beautiful
Were you lying in the park, or dancing in a boliche when you rode the wave of beautiful BA energy?
A Time When The City Was Ugly
Stuck in a rainstorm? Just got robbed? Trash strike in summer? When was the city unbearable?
A Memorable Experience in a Taxi Cab
Did your taxi driver psychoanalyze you? Hit on you? Sing along with you? Drive like a maniac?
My Most Embarassing Spanish Mistake
Were you embarrassed or embarazada for mixing up your words?
A Memorable Living Arrangement
Find your dream apartment? Landlord kick you out? Roommates were crazy?
When I Got Lost
Forget your GuiaT? Hop on the wrong bus?
A Memorable "Piropo"
Che nena, have you ever talked back? Ever been flattered? Ever been made to feel unsafe?
My Best BA Story
What did we forget to ask? Share your best story with us.
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