Clean Water Day Signup - March 29, 2017
Clean Water Day will run from: 8:30am - 1:00pm on Wednesday, March 29th
We will meet at the Pavilion Auditorium, 109 State St, Montpelier. To find the auditorium, walk up Governor Davis Ave from State Street and enter the building halfway up the street on your left. People will be available to show you to the auditorium. From there we’ll walk over together to the State House.

8:30am - 9:00am - Coffee and registration at Pavilion Auditorium
9:00am: Legislative update and training for participants
10:30am: Press conference on the value of clean water in the Cedar Creek Room, Vermont State House
11:30am: Preparation to meet with legislators, Room 10, Vermont State House
12:00pm: Meetings with legislators, State House cafeteria

People will be available throughout Clean Water Day to help you find the next stop on the agenda, but in case you need to join for just a portion of the day, you can find the rooms in the agenda above.

Thanks for making your voice heard for clean, safe water for all Vermonters!

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We are encouraging people to meet with their legislator(s) to talk about the value of clean water to you. Are you interested in setting up a short meeting?
Are you interested in participating in a webinar in advance of Clean Water Day? The webinar will provide a legislative update and training on how to talk to your legislators. Some training will be provided on the day if you are unable to attend a webinar.
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