NAMS Exit Survey for 2016-2017
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Current Grade *
If you are currently in 8th grade, where do you plan on going for high school next year? (6th and 7th graders leave this blank)
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If you are currently in 8th grade and would like to stay in touch, what is your email address?
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Did you attend most of the after school club meetings? *
If YES, which meeting was your favorite and why? If NO, why not? *
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How can we make our meetings better?
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Were you inspired by a speaker to consider a similar career? *
If YES, please provide an example. If NO, why not? *
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Did you make any new friends by attending Girls in STEM events? *
Would you recommend this club to a friend? *
Do you plan on registering for this club again next year? *
What is your overall feeling about the club and any other comments/suggestions for next year? *
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