Liberation Pathways Scholarship Application
This Liberation Pathways Scholarship fund is funded by contributions by community members in order to provide services offered via Liberation Pathways LLC and affiliated practitioners to people from historically oppressed and/or marginalized populations. This fund can cover individual services as well as group classes and events. It does not cover the cost of retreats at this time. You might be eligible to receive either partial or full scholarships based on your ability to pay and support this work. Although one of the aims of Liberation Pathways is not to turn anyone away due to lack of funds, we are limited in our capacity to accommodate everyone sometimes, due to space and time limitations, given the small size of our practitioner team. There is a likelihood that some applicants will be placed on waiting lists or offered group classes/events as alternatives to individual work. Please note that our classes and events are not therapy and do not replace individual therapy.  Folx are encouraged to continue seeking assistance through other means if our individual therapists are at capacity.
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