Exchange French Update
1.What is the general idea for black in the exchange french?
2.What should Black do here?
3.What do you do if White plays Bb5?
4. After recapturing, are we still going to castle queenside?
5.What should black do here?
6.What should black do here?
7.When do you capture the pawn on c4?
8.What should black do here?
9.What should black do here?
10.What should black do if white prolongs castling?
11.What should black do if white also castles queenside?
12.How should black attack here?
13.What should black do when white attacks here?
14.Where do we put our knight?
15.What should black do here?
16.How does black defend here?
17.How does black attack here?
18.How does black attack here?
19.How does black attack here?
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