2018 Erate RFP For Integration Charter Schools
Integration Charter Schools is a network of charter schools currently serving grades 3-12. We are looking for Category One services to support all of our sites. However, our current needs for Category Two services is primarily focused on our planned expansion in the summer of 2018. the trailer expansion that is located adjacent to the main building. Currently, there are three trailers, we will add two additional trailers by the end of the school year, and only require Category Two services for those two trailers.

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What we currently have:
Main Site: Category One & Two
(15) Switches: Cisco Series and PoE
(1) Firewall/Router: Dell SonicWall
(34) Access Points: Cisco Meraki
(2) Racks
(4) UPS Battery
Internet Access and Communications: Verizon FIOS. 350/350
Avaya Phone System

Trailer Site: Category One & Two
(2) Switches: Cisco Meraki and PoE
(1) Firewall/Router: Dell SonicWall
(6) Access Points: Cisco Meraki
(1) Rack
(1) UPS Battery
Internet Access: Knight Nets Inc. 100/100
Polycom Phone System
What we’re looking for:
(10) Access Points: Preferably Cisco Meraki
(2) Switches: Preferably Cisco Meraki
(2) UPS batteries
(1) Rack
Additional Polycom phones.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
How many ports are you requesting per switch?
-24 port, both regular and POE

Can we provide a virtual controller solution for the WLAN? (Access Points with controller built in)
- We are currently using Meraki. We are looking to stick with the same solution for the expansion.

For the Access Points are you looking for Wave 1 or Wave 2 802.11AC?
- Wave 1, 802.11ac Meraki MR34 and MR42

Can you provide more details and specs for the UPS's being requested?
-Rack mount UPS. APC.

Is this a replacement of the old switches and WAP's? If not, who is the current vendor being used?
A few things to note:
1) Attending an Open House is not mandatory.

2) The Open House will be located at the John W. Lavelle Preparatory Charter School at 1 Teleport Dr. Staten Island NY 10311 on Friday, February 8, 2018 @ 10:30am.

3) If you are able to provide clear and specific questions beforehand, we may be able to address common vendor questions in an FAQ section to be added to this site.  This may alleviate the need to attend an Open House.

4) Please provide your contact details and answer some questons in the next section.
Please provide your contact details and answer some questions below.
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