SLO Vocabulary Mid-Year Test 2019-2020
Read through the list of Spanish words you have at your desk.

Match the correct Spanish word with the English words below. Type the number in the answer space for the matching Spanish term. Only type the number. For example: 17

There are some English words that aren't in your list of Spanish words. If you find one of those, instead of typing a number in the answer space, type NM (for not mentioned).

You will have 30 minutes to take this PRE-TEST!
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a. but
b. How?
c. a (masculine)
d. disorganized
e. more...than...
f. according to
g. he has
h. the desk
i. to like
j. always
k. funny
l. his classmate
m. a lot
n. in front of
o. the (masculine & singular)
p. I share
q. like/for example
r. very
s. next to
t. athletic
u. some (masculine)
v. fun
w. we are working
x. difficult
y. Why?
z. the student
aa. a drink
bb. you play
cc. I love
dd. and
ee. tasty
ff. never
gg. the (masculine/plural)
hh. although
ii. which
jj. I have to
kk. my brother
ll. about
mm. once in awhile
nn. I talk
oo. because
pp. in/on
qq. your classes
rr. we draw
ss. on top of
tt. we sleep
uu. easy
vv. the food
ww. a student
xx. nothing
yy. some (feminine/plural)
zz. the (singular/feminine)
aaa. he eats
bbb. neither
ccc. you drink
ddd. to walk
eee. spring (the season)
fff. I know
ggg. He is listening
hhh. she prefers
iii. summer (the season)
jjj. to the left of
lll. organized
mmm. I am painting
nnn. calendar
ooo. in front of
ppp. too
qqq. I like
rrr. they write
sss. sometimes
ttt. the (computer) screen
uuu. It's 2 o'clock.
vvv. you guys think that
www. smart/intelligent
xxx. the (feminine/plural)
yyy. I don't like
zzz. to the right of
aaaa. also
bbbb. she teaches
cccc. the weekend
dddd. nice/friendly
eeee. Monday
ffff. a sport
gggg. less than
hhhh. we play (an instrument)
iiii. It's cold outside.
jjjj. you all sing
kkkk. hardworking
llll. daring
mmmm. you are playing (a sport)
nnnn. behind
oooo. you guys want
pppp. you should
qqqq. she can
rrrr. they are cooking
ssss. the pen
tttt. above
uuuu. When?
vvvv. a (singular/feminine)
wwww. disgusting
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