Looking for the Helpers
Lark Academy is stepping up to connect learners to experts, mentors, and each other during this time of crisis and school closures. Our goal is to get young people engaged in positive learner-centered experiences, stimulating curiosity, exercising critical thinking, building community, sparking interest, and furthering skills and knowledge across the board.

Do you or your company have a course, workshop, training, skill, knowledge, expertise, program, or other offerings for students? Are you a student yourself with something to share?

All skills and knowledge areas are welcome- from academic explorations to hard skills to hobby tutorials. You don't need to be a professional education or even an "adult" to have an offering. Anyone over 13 years old, from any background, in any skill area is welcome to offer support.

Learn more about Lark and why we are taking this on? https://www.larkacademy.org/our-philosophy/
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