Regional Minister Search Survey
As part of the search process for a new Regional Minister in Kentucky, we are asking for input from across the region to help us better discern the qualities of a the person we hope to lead us into the future. Please take a few moments to answer these questions.
Congregation: *
What, in your opinion, are the two or three most urgent priorities for the Region that the next Regional Minister should address?
- What are your additional hopes and dreams for the Region for the next five years?
What are the strengths and special gifts of this Region that can serve as building blocks as it addresses the urgent priorities and five-year hopes and dreams that you have named?
What realities of the Region can you name that could be obstacles to the Region as it sets it sights on the urgent priorities and five-year hopes and dreams that have been named?
What gifts, experience, and commitments do you believe that the next Regional Minister needs to possess in order to be effective in leading the Region toward health and vitality?
What additional information would you like to share with the search team as it develops the Regional Profile and has conversations with candidates?
Thank you for your responses!
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