PR with Perkes consultation with Laura
Hey! It's great to see that you're curious about publicity and I can't wait to explore that further with you.

Before we invest time and energy into a call (Zoom fatigue is real right now!) I'd love it if you can spend the next 5mins answering some Qs for me, so that I can find out the vital stats about your biz and your growth goals.

This will allow me to prescribe the right approach for you and keep our call time as low as poss - we've both experienced 60min calls that could have ended much sooner, right?!

Once I've received your answers I'll be in touch within 12 hours to arrange a Zoom call with you.

I'm already looking forward to it x
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What is your business, who do you work with and what are the outcomes you help them achieve? *
What projects do you have coming up, or in the pipeline? e.g book launch, new course launch etc *
What do you hope to achieve in your business over the next 6-12 months? *
How to you intend to achieve those results? *
What have you implemented in your business so far to get results? *
What do you hope will happen in your business once you start working with Laura and the team on your publicity strategy? *
What's your monthly sales goal? *
What is your current monthly revenue? I require total transparency with any client, as shame or money blocks will hinder results. Understanding your baseline is an important part of me planning for your success *
Why do you believe that you're ready for PR? *
What do you want to become known for? And who are you competing with for that title? *
Are you in a position to invest £3,000 per month on high-level publicity? The minimum term is 6 months. If not, you may wish to ask me about my VIP PR Day options *
Do you need to speak with a business partner/spouse before investing in PR? *
Is there anything holding you back from being seen in the public eye and raising your profile? *
TVM for taking the time to complete these Qs. I know it's a lot of info and we get down and dirty quickly, but everything that you've shared with me will help me to create a service that's bespoke to you and your business. I'll be in touch in the next 12 hours to let you know if I think that we're the right fit for each other, and to book a time and date for your consultation call
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