Art Honors Application
Please complete this application if you wish to participate in Art Honors for the 2016-2017 school year. Art Honors is a STUDENT RUN community based service organization where you will have the opportunity to head or participate in a many different events! All members are required attend all events & put in 12 hours minimum towards community service throughout the school year.

• Membership dues are $15 which goes directly to the NAHS for National Membership.
• Members must be enrolled in 1 art class per year minimum.
• Students must maintain a grade of B or higher in art class.
• Students must maintain a grade of C (2.0) or higher in all other classes.
• During the course of a year, members spend 12 hours of service in NAHS sponsored activities: 6 hours per semester. Half of the hours are In-School (Making holiday cards, decorations, etc.) and the other half are in Service/Outreach (Drake Art Club, sitting tables, Color Run, ToT Street, etc.)
• Members are required to attend all club meetings. Additional hours are required for missing a meeting. Further information provided at first group meeting.
• A review by officers and sponsors will be conducted for any infractions of rules. If the individual in question is an officer, then he/she will not participate in the decision making process. This applies to community laws, school & chapter rules.

SENIORS: To graduate with honors and earn the privilege of wearing the NAHS cords and tassel, you must meet the following requirements:
• Attend one art gallery or museum and write a full page reflection about your experience. This paper is due the first school day after Spring Break via email to Mrs. Dalton.
• Prior to graduation, students are reviewed based on their attendance, transcripts, and discipline records to ensure that requirements have been met, and that the integrity of NAHS is upheld.

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What art courses have you taken at Arvada West or elsewhere & what grade did you receive? *
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What kind of artist do you see yourself as? *
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What artistic goals do you have for yourself? *
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What do you feel was your most successful art project you have completed and why? What was the subject matter? *
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What other commitments do you have? (Clubs, Sports, Band, etc.) *
Our meetings are typically held the 1st Wednesday of each month during Resource.
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Please provide any outreach (service) or field trip activities you may have!
Please see our website main page for officer descriptions.
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