Stall Holders/Exhibitors Information
The Eid in Bedford (EIB) project is a consortium of local Muslim institutes and organisations with a unified goal of bringing the community together to celebrate Eid in Bedford.

The Bedford Eid Festival is the 2nd largest free open festival in Bedfordshire attracting hundreds and thousands.

Working with our partners, sponsors and supporters we will be raising the stakes in 2020. We will be plenty of things to enjoy on the day - from finger lickin' food from around the world, bazaar, funfair rides, games & competitions for children and adults and more fun for the entire family!

If you would like to be part of the Eid celebrations in Bedford, please read through the Stall Holders Information Pack carefully and apply for a stall. If you have any questions or queries please contact: (see below).
Date, Time & Venue
Date: Sunday 31 May 2020
Time: 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Addison Howard Park, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford MK42 8PN
Why book a stall
We are offering an opportunity for businesses to hire a stall. This is a fantastic opportunity with many benefits:

• Be part of one of the biggest Eid celebrations in the country

• The 2nd largest free open festival in Bedfordshire

• Access to thousands of people in a single place from Bedford and surrounding towns and cities

• Network with other organisations

• Raising awareness and advertising your business

• Massive profits

• Creating an amazing atmosphere

• Excellent transport routes to Bedfordshire and attract new customer base from, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough

• British Muslim Awards 2018 Finalists for 'Event of The Year' category
How it works
• Each applicant must complete the entire application accurately and honestly. This will determine which category you fall into and how quickly your application will be processed.

• You will be given a unique reference number. This will be used for all correspondence between EIB and yourself. On the day, you will be able to identify your stall by your reference number.

• Your application will be reviewed by the stalls coordinator who will contact you throughout the application process.

• If you are successful then you will be advised within 3 to 4 weeks before the event date so you can get yourself organised in good time.

• Full payment will need to be paid within 7 days of notification from EIB to confirm your booking. If payment is not received within 7 days, then the stall will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

• Only one vehicle per stall will be allowed on-site for loading and unloading purposes.

• Hot food vendors will be provided with a food health and safety pack.

• If too many applications are received, then a waiting list will be compiled. If anybody drops out then the next applicant on the list will be contacted.

• All applications must be submitted no later than Friday 15th May 2020, 11:59pm.

• Submitting a successful application form does not guarantee you a stall.
Stall information
• All food and beverages sold by stall holders must be 100% Halal. Proof must be provided upon request.

• Each vendor will be given 1x table, 1x chair and 1x marquee/gazeebo measuring 3x3 metres (see image below, picture for image purposes only and may be different on the day).

• Please note, if available and only at the discretion of EIB extra charges will apply for extra space and equipment.

• All generators must be powered by diesel.

• If EIB supply the stall holders with power then it's the event organisers responsibility to maintain the power to the stall.

• Stall holders must control the power within the stall i.e. the number of appliances plugged into the 3-way 16amp extension lead.

• If the MCB (Micro Circuit Breaker) is tripped on the 3-way 16amp extension lead then it is up to the stall holder to reset the MCB.

• If stall holders exceed the 16amp current they will require another 3-way 16amp extension lead which will cost an additional £40.00.

• Stall holders will be responsible for your own stall signage, including stall name such as banners, posters etc.

• Each stall needs to be signed off before they can leave the site, failure to sign off will result in no refund of the £100.00 deposit.

• All equipment (stall, table, generator, extension cable etc) after the event must be returned as found. Any damaged equipment will result in losing the £100.00 deposit. All deposits will be refunded to you within 14 working days after the Festival.
Food Health & Safety Pack
• This is only applicable for hot food stall-holders.

• The pack will contain: Health & safety information, disposable mob cap, apron, gloves, beard snood, disinfectant wipes and two probes (one for meat and one for poultry).

• Please download and read the Safe Catering guide in full:
Stall prices (per stall/vehicle)
1. Advertising/promotion = £100
2. Retail or cold food/drink = £125
3. Hot food = £250 (power not included)
4. Food trailer/truck = £300 (per vehicle - power not included)
5. Ice cream van = £500 (per vehicle)

• £100 retainer fee (deposit) per stall/vehicle.

• Extra charges apply for extra space and equipment.

• Gazeebo power £40.00 - per 3-way 16amp extension lead.

• Trailer power £100.00 - unlimited power with no current limit.

• Please note full payments (inc deposit) MUST be made by Friday 15th May 2020, 11:59pm.
On the day
• All vendors will be expected to arrive no later than 10:30am.

• If you are late, please be aware that your vehicle will not be given access to the site.

• We are expecting many contractors on-site therefore access times will be limited. Only one vehicle per vendor will be permitted on-site.

• Upon arrival, you will need to display your stall confirmation email with unique reference number.

• We advise you to plan your journey so that all the necessary items and equipment are delivered in a single journey.

• Uniformed stewards will direct you accordingly on and off the site.

• You will be directed to your stall for set-up. Once set-up of your stall is complete you will have to remove your vehicle by 11:45am.

• Cars will not be allowed on-site until the event has finished (8:00pm) and all the public have cleared the event.

• Each stall needs to be signed off before they can leave the site, failure to sign off will result in no refund of deposit.

• A speed limit of 5 mph must be maintained at all times when accessing and leaving the site.

• If you exceed the speed limit (5 mph) and put lives and property at risk you will be removed off site and we will pass your information over to the relevant authorities to take further action. You will also lose the £100.00 deposit and will be banned from any future EIB events.
Terms and conditions
1. Full payment for the stalls (including £100 deposit) must be received in full within 7 days of application via cash or bank transfer. Please clearly reference your payment with your full name and unique reference number. Should you not clearly reference this will delay us in processing the refund of your deposit.

2. A retainer fee (£100 deposit per stall/vehicle) must be paid no later than Friday 15th May 2020 - 11:59pm, which will be refunded (within 7 working days) following the successful completion of the event (provided plot/stalls are left as found).

3. Any application forms which are not fully completed will be returned to you to re-submit. Please note your application may be treated as a new application.

4. By making the application, you will be agreeing herein to all of the information in the application pack. Proof of ID will be required for successful applicants.

5. For any cancellations, please contact before Friday 15th May 2020 - 11:59pm, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Any cancellations thereafter will be non-refundable.

6. In the unlikely occurrence of event cancellation due to adverse conditions such as bad weather, local or national disaster (including acts of terror), or any other occurrence which is beyond the control of EIB, you will be awarded a 50% refund. (We may look to organise the event at a later date).

7. All booking applications will be considered and accepted at the discretion of EIB committee.

8. Should any stall-holders breach the terms & conditions and information set in this application pack you will be removed from the event. Fees (stall payment/deposit) will only be refunded upon discretion of EIB committee.
1. Professional bodies or businesses:
• Any professional bodies/businesses must provide a health and safety risk assessment.
• Must have a £5 million liability insurance policy.
• Any one of the people working on the stall must have a food safety certificate.
• The stall holder is liable for any harm caused to human life and any damage caused to property.

2. Non-professional bodies or businesses
• Must be aware of basic food safety.
• The stall holder is liable for any harm caused to human life and any damage caused to property.
Contact information
Telephone: 07342835624


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