Holocaust/Genocide Education Survey
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I am an active educator, currently teaching.
I teach...
The subjects or courses I teach include...
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I currently teach about the Holocaust.
I currently teach about Genocide in general and/or specific instances of Genocide.
I don't currently teach either topic because of this main reason:
If you chose "Other" to the previous question, please explain your choice.
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I feel well-prepared to teach about the history of anti-Semitism.
I feel well-prepared to teach about the role of propaganda when teaching these topics.
I teach about concepts of scapegoating and stereotyping when teaching about these topics
I feel well-prepared to teach about white supremacist thinking/racist theories when addressing the Holocaust/Genocide.
I would like more professional learning about teaching about the Holocaust and/or Genocide.
In particular, I would like to learn more about:
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I am very familiar with lesson ideas, readings, web resources and other tools available on this topic.
I would invite a guest speaker into my classroom to teach about these topics if available.
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