Festival Vendor Application Local Colors 541 Luck Ave SW #228 Roanoke, Va 24108
Event Timing: May 19, 2018
Event Address: Elmwood Park Jefferson St. Roanoke VA 24015
Contact us at 540-904-2234 info@localcolors.org
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Local Colors Vendor Registration
Registration for Vendors that will be cooking and serving hot foods, selling baked goods and /or merchandise, having booths with ethnic exhibits
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Are you a Non-Profit organization? ( If yes, 501 C 3 documentation required) *
If you participated in the festival in 2017 as a vendor please estimate how many people were served or visited your booth in 2017? ( This helps in planning and reporting our numbers) *
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I understand that I will be responsible for damages including grease spills, in the festival location and that food vendors are subject to Health Department Regulations *
I understand that Local Colors is not responsible to damage to vendor's equipment. *
I understand that food vendors must provide canopy or tent for cooking sites and must be approved by the Department of Health before they will be allowed to begin selling food. *
What beverages will you be serving? ( Note: Only Local Colors will be selling bottled water ) *
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What foods will you be serving? *
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What Merchandise or Services will you be selling? *
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What cooking equipment will you be using? ( Note only 1 appliance can be plugged into electric per booth) *
Electricity Required ($30 per booth) *
Each booth is 10 X 10 foot. How many booths do you need? Do they need to be adjacent? *
TABLES: You may bring your own tables or rent them for $10 each. Rented tables will be delivered early Sat. morning and picked up after the festival. *
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Booth reservation ( 501 c 3 required for Non-Profit rate)
Non-Profit exhibit $50 each
Non-Profit Vendor $125 each
For Profit Non-cooking Vendor $200 each
Food Vendors (Hot foods) $250 each
Premium Double Food Vendor - $600
Participating in Presentation the Nations? *
Name and Contact Information for Presentation of Nations Contact Person *
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I understand that a $40 late fee will be charge for applications received after April 15, 2018 *
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Booth Fees
Additional Fees *
Additional Fees
Total -- Enter total here and Local Colors will respond with confirmation and you can mail a check, pay at the office or pay on line by Paypal on our website. Note: 3% service charge for using Paypal. Mailing address: Local Colors 541 Luck Ave SW #228 Roanoke, VA 24018 *
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