Fall/Winter Apparel Order Form
We will be placing this order on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13th. After submitting the order, it will take approximately 3 weeks to be created and delivered to us. SAMPLE SIZES OF MOST STYLES ARE AT THE GYM IN MOBILITY AREA.
Dusty Blue Crop Sweatshirt $45
Dusty Blue Crop $45
These look super cute with a tank or tee underneath too! Same sizing as the military green hooded crops we ordered last year. Sara has a medium.
I would like a Dusty Blue Crop in Size:
Unisex Gray Crossover Hoodie $55
Unisex Gray Crossover Hoodie $55
Check out that cozy neckline! Same sizing and softness as our military green unisex hoodies, as well as the slate and navy hooides we have had recently. These are unisex. Sara has a medium and Tarken has a large.
I would like a Unisex Crossover Hoodie in Size:
Unisex Vintage Royal Long Sleeve Tee (Tri-Blend) $35
Unisex Vintage Royal Long Sleeve Tee (Tri-Blend) $35
Same soft material as our tee shirts, but long sleeve and with a hood. These are unisex. Sara wears a medium, and there is a sample size in mobility area.
I would like a Long Sleeve Tee in size:
Unisex Slate Blue Zip-Up $55
Unisex Blue Slate Zip-Up: REORDER $55
This is the zip hoodie we ordered last. A really nice slate blue, that many have asked about doing a re-order for. Unisex sizing. Sara wears a medium. Same size chart info as above gray hoodie.
I would like a Heather Slate Zip-Up in Size:
Black Unisex Joggers $45
Black Unisex JOGGERS $45
The thick waist band and super soft material makes these joggers very comfy. Make sure to check them out on the sample rack! Sara has a medium.
Manufacturer Size Chart:
I would like JOGGERS in Size:
Black Unisex Open Bottom Sweatpant $45
Black Unisex Open Bottom Sweatpants $45
These are the same sweatpants we order every year for those that like the open bottom style. These are unisex. Sara has a medium. Color: Black -
Manufacturer Size Chart
I would like Open Bottom Sweats size:
Black Unisex Scrunch Bottom Sweatpant
Black SCRUNCH BOTTOM Sweatpants $45
These are also the sweats we order every year. SUPER SOFT. SUPER COMFY! Not a jogger style, baggier fit. Sara has a large (slightly baggy, but comfy).
I would like SCRUNCH BOTTOM sweatpants size:
Anything you wanted but don't see? Can't hurt to ask.... Let me know!
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Orders will be charged to my card on file, WHEN APPAREL ARRIVES unless I EMAIL Sara (info@802crossfit.com) ahead of time to tell her I prefer another payment method. *
After the order is placed on October 13th, the order will take about 3 weeks to arrive at 802. Shooting for November 5th ish..... *
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