BWCA • 2019 • Troop 1
Troop 1 will send two crews to the BWCA from Sunday, August 11 - Saturday, August 17.
We can have up to 18 people divided up into two crews (patrols).
Plan: Drive up on Sunday, August 11 & stay the night at the outfitter. August 12- On the water. August 17- off water & drive home. Estimated Cost $200/Person

Scout (Youth) • Up to 14 spaces available
• Pass Annual Physical
• Pass BSA Swim Test
• Will be prioritized/evaluated by Scoutmaster corps.

Adult Advisor • 4-6 spaces available
• At least Age 18
• Pass Annual BSA Physical
• Pass BSA Swim Test
• Complete eTrainings: Youth Protection, Weather Hazards, Safety Afloat, & Safe Swim Defense
• Complete Training: Wilderness & Remote First Aid (1 per crew)
• As with all Troop events, Adult Advisor priority given in this order: Scoutmaster Corps, Committee, Parents

Crew requirements
• No more than 9 people in 4 boats (BWCA rules)
• At least one trained CPR & Wilderness & Remote First Aid
• Two Adult Advisors per crew (4-6 adults total)
• Plan route based on interest and experience (Outfitter will help)
• Menu & Food purchase
• At least one adult over 21
• Attend Troop Canoeing Training sessions
• Travel representing Troop in BSA Uniform

Advancement Opportunities (not a complete list):
• Canoeing MB (find counselor in Twin Cities)
• Camping MB
• Cooking MB
• Fishing MB
• First Aid MB
• Insect Study, Mammal Study, Amphibian & ReptileStudy, Bird Study, Nature, Forestry, etc.
• Various Rank Requirements

Other Award requirement may be completed or worked toward:
• 50 Miler Award (depending on route and will require other service project)
• National Outdoor Award Aquatics & Camping Segments

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Adults must be willing to get trained in: Youth Protection, Safety Afloat, Wilderness & Remote First Aid (16 hours), Safe Swim Defense, Weather Hazards
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