Infinity Sensor samples
Since these will be provided to you as samples directly from a University, it's not quite as easy as buying them from Amazon! There are 3 steps, as shown below. First you'll need to get a brief liability-release form signed (to relieve us of liability), and you'll need to fill out this google form. Once the agreement and this form have been received by us, they will be reviewed and you'll be contacted with a link to the University's online shop where you can then purchase samples: 1 for £100, 4 for £200, and 10 for £300. This fee is to cover our costs, including materials, handling, preparation, and shipping. We add £20 to cover shipping outside of the UK. Each sensor is supplied with a 100mm (4") SMA lead. In applications over 300V, you will need to insulate the connector on the sensor with an appropriate sealant to meet your country's creepage requirements. We include some high voltage sealant in the pack.
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Step 1
Download the Material Transfer agreement from This form is not an NDA, it simply releases us from any liabilities.
Fill out the highlighted sections, sign it, and return it to
Step 2
Click 'Next' below to fill out this form, and then submit. (This information goes directly to and a few university contacts required to get the sensors to you. We will not use these details for anything else).
Step 3
Wait for a few weeks! You should get an official email with a link to the University of Bristol's online shop after a couple of weeks, where you will be able to buy the samples you requested. If there doesn't seem to be any progress, feel free to bug, and if you still don't get a response, please email Please be kind, we are just trying to help the community. We are trying to speed up this process, but as you can imagine, Universities are not really set up for this kind of thing.
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