Waging Dialogue: Long-Form Conversation Project Questionnaire
For more information: www.wagingdialogue.org/engage

We’re looking for a handful of people from opposite ends of the political spectrum who would like to participate in a long-form conversation project. We will examine how people interact in a social media environment, particularly how the language that we use can cause intense reactions, and look for new language tools in the process.

Participants will meet on Zoom or another video conferencing service, then interact in a text based forum for 1-2 weeks. Optional daily questions will help inspire conversation during this period. Following this interaction, participants will reconvene over video chat to discuss whether they believe the dialogue has thus far been successful or unsuccessful. This will also give people a chance to resolve conflicts that have arisen. After another 1-2 weeks of text-based interaction, participants will meet face to face one last time to determine if any improvements occurred, if any language trends became apparent, or if any other conclusions emerged.

There are no dates currently set for this project. As soon as we have a decent number of respondents, we will reach out to find dates that work for interested parties.

Please feel free to take your time and fill out the form at your convenience. We will review responses during the last week of September. Please also feel free to share this link with anyone else you think might be interested.

Thank you!

P.S. Your answers to this form will remain confidential as far as it is within our power, but you should not consider this a secure form. It is also unnecessary for you to provide any information of a highly sensitive nature. We are looking to get a general sense of who might be a good fit for this project, not fishing for personal data.

P.P.S. If you are interested in a Waging Dialogue project but are NOT in the United States, Email us at contact@wagingdialogue.org and let us know! This project will be limited in scope to US politics, but we will have other projects in the future.
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Where do you live? (You do not need to give an exact location) *
How old are you? (You do not need to give an exact age) *
How much time do you generally spend on social media? (This project will ask you to take some of the time you normally spend on social media for our text-based discussions, but it is not necessary that you be an avid social media user to participate) *
Everyone has a story. What's yours? (e.g. I grew up in a logging family in Alberta, dreamed of becoming an astronaut, went to Cal Tech, and ended up a derivatives trader on Wall St.) *
Evaluate the following statement: "We live in the most divided time since the Civil War." Do you think that statement is accurate? An overstatement? How serious do you believe the divisions are in this country? *
Do you consider yourself a patriotic American? Use your own view of what that means, and tell us about it. *
How serious do you think social, economic, and/or cultural problems are in the United States, and are you optimistic about the future or not? *
How much do you care about politics? *
I can't be bothered
I'm ready to fight somebody
Optional: Elaborate on your response to the previous question if you do not believe you have sufficiently done so already.
Are you a member of a political party? *
In broad terms, how do you identify politically? *
Are there specific areas where you differ from the common opinion of your political grouping/label? *
How do you normally resolve conflicts with other people? And do you consider yourself aggressive? Laid back? Other? *
What interests you about this project? Is there a personal goal that you would have going into it? *
Optional: Is there anything else you would like to add, and do you have any questions for us?
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