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Thank you so much for taking the time to write your sponsored student during this difficult season. We are excited to open up a new channel of communication for our sponsors and hope that this facilitates relationships while our teams are unable to travel to Nicaragua. Please take a look at the letter writing guidelines below!

1. Please DO encourage; stay positive and share scripture verses if you like.

2. LET THEM KNOW that you are praying for them, and make sure that you are doing that😊! You may want to ask if there are specific ways that you can be praying for them (their family.) Prayer is the most effective way that you can help your student/family at this time.

3. Remember the entire family, not just your student, is being affected by the current civil unrest in Nicaragua.
Please refrain from any comment that might be construed as political, or that references the government of Nicaragua in a negative way.

4. Share the hope that students will be able to return to a regular schedule of classes soon (since school has been cancelled frequently in the past two months.)

5. If you are writing to a college student, let them know that you are praying for their safety, and that soon classes will return to normal. Encourage them not to lose their hopes and dreams for the future.

6. Encourage students to write back to you by giving their letters to the administrators of their respective schools. At TAV – Xiomara; at Rey Salomon I – Leyla; at Rey Salomon II – Franklin (LaConcha); and at Jehovah Jireh (Los Brasiles) – Dina or Manuel.

7. Keep in mind that letters sent by students from Nicaragua will take longer to reach you, since it depends upon NRN volunteers who are traveling back and forth to Nicaragua to carry those letters.

8. Let them know that even though you are unable to visit Nicaragua right now, that you keep them close in your heart.

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