2017-18 WHSAA/NFHS Dance Coaches Rules Exam
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1. Padded supports, braces and air casts which are unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design/production do not require any additional padding. *
2. A base must not: *
3. Jewelry worn under the uniform is legal provided it is not visible. *
4. Non-airborne tumbling over a prop or person on the floor is legal. *
5. A top person may pass through extended position while inverted, provided he/she: *
6. The following release stunts are legal in Dance/Drill/Pom: *
7. Wearing gauges in stretched ear openings is illegal. *
8. All airborne tumbling is illegal with the exception of front and side aerials. *
9. It is legal to execute a back handspring while wearing a costume that includes a long cape. *
10. Performer’s footwear must cover the entire foot and have non-slip soles when executing prep level stunts in which the top person’s foot/feet are in the hand(s) of the base(s). *
11. Forward roll dismounts are allowed from props provided: *
12. Extended stunts/lifts in which the bases support a top person in a horizontal position are legal. *
13. When a top person is dancing on a stationary prop with wheels, the following is required: *
14. When spotting a top person on a prop, the spotter may look away briefly to check the location of other props and/or performers. *
15. The following are not allowed from a prop: *
16. Stunts/lifts in which base(s) support(s) a top person under the foot/feet and stop in an extended position are not permitted in Dance/Drill/Pom. *
17. A spotter is not required for: *
18. A top person may be moved from a non-extended vertical position to a horizontal position caught by either two original bases or three new catchers/bases who catch on the upper body of the top person. *
19. It is legal for a participant in a walking boot to be involved in partner stunts/lifts or pyramids: *
20. The top person in a backward suspended roll may: *
21. The top person in braced suspended splits may be released by the bases in dance/drill/pom. *
22. A Swing Roll Down stunt is legal. *
23. Wearing necklaces that are securely affixed to the costumes are legal for dance/drill/pom. *
24. Dance/drill/pom teams may wear the following in their hair: *
25. Which of the following are legal while wearing gloves that do not have non-slip material applied to the palms and palm-side fingers? *
26. It is illegal for a dancer to wear turning sandals while executing: *
27. Braced release stunts, including braced release transitions, are not permitted in dance/drill/pom. *
28. When spotting a top person who is standing on a moving prop, a participant must not: *
29. Dismounts from props higher than 3 feet are legal when the top person: *
30. A participant must not jump from a standing or squatting position backwards onto the neck, shoulders or hands. *
31. Jumping into the air and landing in a pushup position are illegal except when beginning in a crouch. *
32. Which of the following is legal: *
33. Dancers may have long, unsecured hair during which of the following: *
34. A participant is on a prop that is 4 feet high with a performance surface of 3 feet by 3 feet. She may legally perform: *
35. Dismounts to the performing surface from props higher than 3 feet must have an assisted landing. *
36. During a suspended roll over a post to catchers who are not original bases, the new catchers must be in place when the roll is initiated. *
37. A participant in a full head-and-body costume may execute: *
38. The following tumbling skills are allowed over a person or prop: *
39. The top person in a pancake inversion may hold the following: *
40. A top person in a single-base prep level handstand must have: *
41. An inverted top person may pass through an extended position but must not: *
42. An inverted person on the performing surface may be released to: *
43. Which of the following tumbling skills are legal: *
44. The following are legal without a spotter: *
45. It is illegal to perform which of the following while wearing a long skirt: *
46. Which of the following drops are legal: *
47. Which of the following skills may be performed to a cradle: *
48. It is legal to perform a twist to the following: *
49. Which of the following is an illegal inversion in dance: *
50. Three extended flatbacks are connected in a pyramid. Which connection is illegal: *
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