2019-2020 School Climate Survey - Teacher/Staff Edition
Demographic Information
Are you male or female?
What is your role at Westside?
Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?
What is your race? (Select all that apply)
How many years have you worked at Westside?
School Climate Data
Please rate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.
At Westside, all students are treated fairly regardless of their socioeconomic status.
Westside provides instructional materials (eg. textbooks, handouts) that reflect students' cultural background, ethnicity, and identity.
Westside provides effective resources and training for students and staff to implement Individualized Education Plans.
Westside staff do a good job helping parents support their children's learning at home.
Staff do a good job helping parents understand when their child needs to learn social, emotional, and character skills.
If a student does something well or shows marked improvement, staff contact his/her parents.
Westside communicates with parents in a timely and ongoing basis.
I am satisfied with my level of involvement in decision making at Westside.
Staff at this school have many informal opportunities to influence what happens within the school.
At Westside, students are given the opportunity to be involved in decision making.
Administrators involve staff in decision making.
I feel like I belong.
I feel satisfied for the recognition I get for doing a good job.
I feel comfortable discussing worries, feelings, and frustrations with my supervisor.
This school inspires me to do my very best.
People at this school care about me as a person.
I can effectively manage almost any student behavioral problem.
I feel safe at Westside.
I feel that bullying is a frequent problem at Westside.
Westside is a clean and inviting work environment.
My teaching is hindered by poor lighting, heating, or cooling systems at the school.
My teaching is hindered by a lack of instructional space at this school.
My teaching is hindered by lack of textbooks or basic supplies at this school.
My teaching is hindered by inadequate or outdated equipment at this school.
The programs and resources at Westside are adequate to support student learning.
Teachers at this school feel responsible to help each other do their best.
The programs and resources at Westside are adequate to support students with special needs or disabilities.
This school provides quality counseling or other services to help students with social or emotional needs.
Westside provides the materials, resources, and training necessary for me to support students' social or emotional needs.
This school places a priority on addressing students' mental health needs.
Westside places a priority on teaching students strategies to manage their stress levels.
Westside places a priority on helping students with their social, emotional, and behavior problems.
Staff at this school recognize students for good behavior.
School rules are applied equally to all students.
Discipline is fair.
Westside effectively handles student discipline and behavior problems.
Please share any other concerns you have with school environment, supports, resources, and/or training as it relates to your effective service of students.
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