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This form is used for both existing and new contributors. You will need to submit a photo gallery, the introduction to your story, and your vehicle information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
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This is your chance to sell us on the article, so include plenty of information on the story angle, places visited, vehicles used, etc. Provide product links if applicable. If the story is complete, put a link to the article in this box. If you have not yet finished the story, please provide the first 500 words to give us a sense of the narrative. Paste below or provide a link to your document uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox with the sharing settings set to public.
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Upload a folder of your photo gallery to Google Drive, Dropbox, or weBoost and set the sharing settings to public. Include ALL of the photos you wish to be considered (a MINIMUM of 15 photos and at least 1 of each vehicle used). Please make sure your photos are named by story title and numbered sequentially (Example: Greenland 001, Greenland 002, Greenland 003, etc.) and are in the order they appear in the story. For Gear Reviews, also list the product name in the image file name if there is more than one product being reviewed (Example: Cutlery Snow Peak 001, Cutlery Snow Peak 002). Image size: 30 megabytes maximum per image for Overland Journal, and 20 megabytes maximum per image for Expedition Portal. If the photos provided are not your own, ensure you have rights/permission to use them and provide that information to us.
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Please include the year, make, and model. Modifications should be tasteful and consistent with best practice (i.e., not over GVWR). Photos of your vehicle should be included in the photography sample as well.
Link to previous work (optional)
If this is your first submission, and you would like to provide samples of your previous work, feel free to provide the link here. This can be from a blog or website, or even a document uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox with the sharing settings set to public.
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