PIT Chapel Hill - Community Survey For Improv Classes
If you’ve never taken an improv class or it’s been a while (more than 3 years), we want to hear from you.

We want to know what personal benefits you would want to gain from taking improv classes.

For your thoughts and under 2 minutes of your time, we'll offer you a free 2 hour improv class session. It’s our thank you and your chance to find out what the improv experience at the PIT-Chapel Hill is really all about.

Thank you so very much,

Will Purpura,
Artistic Director,
PIT-Chapel Hill
462 W. Franklin St

The PIT Chapel Hill offers classes and shows in improv, stand-up and sketch comedy; storytelling, acting and podcasting.

Our core philosophy is “Improv Your Life.™” What benefits beyond the class would you want from taking an improv class? Check all that apply. Feel free to add your own. *
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