Welcome to the Beta Reader Team!
Thanks for volunteering to be an advanced reader for future books by Nathan Van Coops. Feedback from readers like you makes every book better. Please take the time to fill out these few quick questions so that you can be matched with the best type of draft for your reading style.
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Have you previously read any books by Nathan Van Coops?
Based on your current schedule, reading a 300-400 page novel would take you approximately how long to finish? (assuming it's not terrible)
When you read novels, what deficiencies can you usually spot? Check whichever apply.
During a beta read, how do you intend to provide feedback?
Do you have any experience beta reading or editing novels prior to this? If so, please comment on your experience below.
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If your experience with this book is positive, would you be willing to write a review on Amazon when the book is released?
During this beta read session, what would be your first choice in drafts to read?
Thank you so much for being a part of this novel and helping it become better. I typically include the names of all of those who have assisted with the production of a book in the acknowledgements. Would you like to have your name included in the book?
Having published three books so far I have gotten fairly thick skin when it comes to criticism so please feel free to let me know if there are elements of the story that really don't work for you. I can't promise that I'll make all changes you might suggest but I will certainly consider and value all feedback you give, especially the areas where you think the story could be improved. I am working hard to make each book the best reader experience I can, so your help with that is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to ask questions along the way! If you have decided that you do not have time to be a beta reader at the moment, and no longer wish to participate, that's okay too. Simply check the appropriate box below.
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