2017-18 Manly Wade Wellman Eligibility Correction
Authors, please use this form to submit corrections to the 2017-18 Manly Wade Wellman Award preliminary eligibility list. Novels (and long novellas) are generally eligible if the author lived in NC for 6 months out of the year immediately preceding initial publication of the work, which must have been published between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017.
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Type of Correction *
Is this a title which is missing from the preliminary list, or a title which is included but which is ineligible, or that you wish to withdraw, or for which there is some other correction?
Author First Name *
First name and middle initials/names, if used, e.g. "David Niall" for David Niall Wilson
Author Last Name *
Last name, e.g. "Van Name" for Mark L. Van Name
Book Title *
Optional: use blank if unknown or "self" if self-published
Initial publication date
Optional but helpful, if known
Optional: Please include a comment particularly to help describe why a work is ineligible, what correction needs to be made to a listing, or a verified way to contact you if you are the author and wish to withdraw the work. If this is to report a missing or ineligible work, a URL would be helpful which indicates initial publication date and length information.
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