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Our Legacy
Love, Respect, Acknowledgement, Our Legacy was organized to provide communities with education, resources, recreational, cultural, social, civic activities. Galvanizing distressed  communities to enact change in each community via projects, activities centered around building Neighborships; block by block, community by community  at the same time. Our Legacy is a 501c3 organization.

Please Join the Conversation and Movement you can give a little, a lot, anonymous or public, please be involved.

Lena, Shante
Our Legacy

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What is  the 'I Commit"  Community Commitment? The charge must be led to organize entire communities. "I Commit"  Community Commitment will help build the involvement of all residents and stakeholder who have a vested interest for the long haul. Organizing and Strengthening what already exist in the community "I Commit"  Community Commitment  will eradicate issues plaguing our distressed community by attaining a goal of 100% participation of all residents and stakeholders, this will improve our community for the better. We can only revolutionize the narrative, turn around, change, improve, and enact change in our distressed community, When everyone works together collectively for the same goals.  Do you believe working together as a community will support Enacting Change? *
Please Watch the " I Commit" Commitment Video
Who is responsible for our Distressed Communities: WE ARE!!!!!!
After watching the video which area interest you the most, or need immediate attention. Youth category is not part of the video but after speaking with many people in the community it is now an important part of "I Commit" categories. *
The Community: In distressed communities, the community does not work together collectively, everyone has their own tools attempting to attack the same problems. Community members with the most to lose are the residents, and yet they are not involved.  Although everyone is obligated, residents hold most of the responsibility, but the residents need help from stakeholders. In a distressed community, everyone who live, work, or has a business, is obligated to be part of providing and supporting the community. The stakeholders have a duty to do this by working together to enact change on a major level. The Community Commitment will be utilized in many communities; therefore, the goal is to not push people out, but instead, provide tools/resources so that every resident, stakeholder is responsible for our distressed communities. The Community Commitment is designed to eliminate any excuses or reasons not to take part, but if any resident or stakeholder doesn’t want to be part of bettering our community, at least now we know where they stand.  Do you believe  Residents Participation play a important part in the community, helping to Enact Change???? *
What Community do you reside in? *
Now Time To Enact Change: Keep in mind you can give as Little, Big, Publicly, Anonymously your time and/or donations, but please give something. In the beginning your participation will be via google forms, texting  and or email. We will have opportunities to volunteer on projects outside of using googles forms, but you decide what works for you.  PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLIES *
If you do not live in Woodlawn, If your community is not listed, what community do you live in, work in, and/or a  land lord. This information is not for public use, I will use this information for statistics. We will implement the  'I Commit" in many communities.
In what way can you help Enacting Change in our Distressed Communities? Check all that apply. Please Select options that will work for you in participating in the "I Commit" Remember do what you can, we will be using technology to connect with those who are part of the "I Commit" Movement during the winter months, mostly google forms to communicate sent via email and/or text. For elders who want to participate but are not using technology we will use old fashion phone calls. *
Thank you for being part of the "I Commit" please answer a few more questions, after you complete the form you will be contacted via email or text about the next steps. Our goal is to utilize the winter months for planning, building, connecting and taking action without overwhelming ourselves. We are not trying to recreate the wheel we are simply tryin to strengthen the wheel. Remember do what you can, what areas interest you, but if you can make a little sacrifice to enact major change in our distressed communities please do so, and share with your friends, family, neighbors, all hands on deck will make this more impactful, and less overwhelming. If  you have any questions or comments, please write them here.
Our first event for the “I Commit” was on October 10,2020 the HelloWalk, The HelloWalk is part of our Hello Campaign and Curriculum. The HelloWalk was such a success we are doing it again soon so that we do not lose momentum. We reached 375 homes with 25 volunteers from the community and around the community, we had awesome conversations, and everyone was happy to see us. We handed out our SpotLight Book that has valuable community information about meetings, activities and how to get involved. Our next HelloWalk will be virtual, a day and time will be selected, Volunteers will meet up virtually via google forms, zoom, text, or phone call. Community/Block assignments for the walk will be given. the SpotLight Book will be delivered, shipped or volunteers can pick them up in advance of the day of the HelloWalk. Volunteers will handout the SpotLight Book, Say Hello, Hold Valuable Conversations with Neighbors. The HelloWalk should take no more than an 30 minutes to an hour to complete unless you are having great conversations. Please Click on the "I Commit" HelloWalk to be part of this Movement Building Neighborships in our Communities. Visit SeeLegacy.org to see pictures and video under the tab Hello Campaign. *
If you are a resident, what is stopping you from attending meeting, volunteering, give donations, participate in community events, report crimes, build relationships with your neighbors.
If you are a stakeholder ( work, or have a business in the community), is any thing stopping you from attending meetings, volunteering, give donations, participate in community events, report crimes.
 "I COMMIT' PLEDGE,  please read the pledge and click Yes and " I Commit" *
"I COMMIT' We will collectively Make better our community by boldly playing our part thru action. It is everyone’s duty to change the narrative; a shift shall occur, and our communities will benefit. If those in the community such as Residents, Church, Faith, Religion, Alderman/Alderwoman, Police Department, Non-Profit Organizations, City Services, City of Chicago, Schools, Landlords, and Businesses work together inclusively on the same page, then revolutionary results will solve our communities’ problems *
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