SOCK Participant Form
Form for the "College Kids" attending university, community college, graduate program, military training, or trade school ages 18-25 interested in being "Sponsored" for the year.

As a participant in this program, the information you disclose on this sheet will assist us in selecting a Sponsor for you, and assisting the sponsor on what and when to send you packages, letters, and prayers. Fill out as much information as possible.
What is your name? *
What type of Degree/Certification are you pursuing at this time? *
What is your birth date? *
What is your email address? *
What are your parents names?
What address would you like to receive mail at during the academic year? *
What are some of your interests? (used to help "Sponsors" know what to send you) *
When are your final exams this fall and will you be returning home for break?
What are some of your favorite foods/snacks? (used to help sponsors know what to send you) *
Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies the sponsor may need to know about? *
Is there anything about your College's Mail system your sponsor should know? *
Anything else you wish us or your sponsor to know?
I understand that as a participant in this program, the church is not responsible for any meetups or events outside of things formally arranged by the church. You will be held to the full responsibility of any events you attend, in relation to this ministry. If you understand and accept this responsibility, please select "Yes". Answering "No" will disqualify you from being a participant in this program. *
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