Hand-Hooping Workshop Series October 2014

workshop series: hand-hooping / "hand hoepelen" ~ Hoop Tech

Fridays from October 10; open 20:30..23:00h (workshop 21:00..22:15) € 10
4 x = € 35 only, or hoop-buy-discount, if you pay 10, 17, 24 and 31 October in advance / on October 10.

Maximum 12 spinners (+ 2 over-bookings); free coffee / thee / water / biscuits / light-weight-hoops-to-borrow (if you like for sale).

More than 10 square meter per hooper to allow for full around the body movements.

All levels (got extra tricks-series for more pro hoopers for all moves)

The workshop is a series with some agenda flexibility.

You can skip workshops or take separate workshops; then surely ask for some kind of a last-lessons-summary at 20.45.
Please do consider training isolation in both hands, both directions (= 4 variations) and the weave in front and back plane (same 4 variations).

September 19, September 26, October 10, October 17
- see prev doc.

October 24 twin hooping
- intro about finding flow with two hoops
- turns.
- chase weave / 2 beat weave ext: turns / hoop holding techniques / how penguin weave is useful
- 3 beat weave (intro) ext: 2 directions/turns
- butterfly (intro) (alternative: butter-flop)
- windmills (intro)
- iso flower
- 2 hoop extravagance
- tricks
gooi en vang met 1 hand into iso flower
weave met 2 hoepels in 1 hand.
omklap trucjes
- transitions

October 25 twin hooping extra + jam?
- pm at Facebook / floris@happyhooping.nl

October 31
- isolation, weave and balancing breakdowns & training.
- follow-ups & more depth, or:
- vertical-hand-to-core / vertical hooping basics part 1
- tricks
- ...

November / December: continuing of every other week Jam / Workshop & possibly guest teachers (local & almost every winter some traveling international hoopers make contact, expect some surprises!)

??? so much more & September 26 and October 10's agenda's would benefit from more follow-ups & depth.
- penguin weave / more twin hooping / .... ....fitting in info from my first hoop convention series (got http://swhoop.hoopingmad.co.uk/whats-on/optional-workshops upcoming & still need to 'process' video recaps from 'the Italian Hoop Connection' and 'the German Hoop Convention'

This event at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/811627458887703/ (note: subscribe&confirm via this Google form!)
For a workshop photo impression, see: http://www.happyhooping.nl/workshop/index.htm
For a video impression of some of my (mainly hand-)hooping see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdD8FxAEzA4

Submit the form to enlist to subscribe. Subscriptions needs to be confirmed / are all-ready confirmed if you confirmed verbally last Friday (because of the maximum amount off participants)

location details & route: http://www.cwboost.nl/

Enjoy your spinning O=) http://www.happyhooping.nl

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