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Thank you for supporting my campaign for SFSS FAS Rep. To help me stay connected to you throughout the campaign, I am asking you to share your contact information with us. We will only use this information during the two weeks of the campaign to contact you to remind you to vote! Voting will be though SFU Mail March 17th-19th!

Website & Platform: bit.ly/harry4appscirep

I endorse the following candidates:

I would like to endorse the following candidates for the SFSS Spring 2020 Elections:
1. President: Osob Mohamed - bit.ly/osob4pres
2. VP External Relations: Samad Raza - bit.ly/samad4vper
3. VP Finance: Corbett Gilderselve| - bit.ly/corbett4vpf
4. VP Student Life: Jennifer Chou - bit.ly/jen4vpsl
5. VP Student Services: Matt Provost bit.ly/matt4vpss
6. VP University Relations: Gabe Liosis - bit.ly/gabe4vpur
7. At Large: Balqees Jama: bit.ly/balqees4atlarge
8. At Large: Phum Luckkid: bit.ly/phum4atlarge

1. Arts & Social Sciences: Sude Guvendik - bit.ly/sude4fassrep
2. Applied Sciences Rep: Harry Preet Singh - bit.ly/harry4appscirep
3. Business: Pariya Zabihi - bit.ly/pariya4busrep
4. Communication, Arts & Technology: Haider Masood - bit.ly/haider4fcatrep
5. Environment Rep: Anuki Karunajeewa - bit.ly/anuki4envirorep
6. Health Sciences Rep: Nafoni Modi - bit.ly/nafoni4hscirep
7. Education Rep: Taqwa Ali - bit.ly/taqwa4edurep
8. Science Rep: WeiChun Kua - bit.ly/weichun4scirep

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